Coronation and Historical Play

Since the first festival in 1940, our celebration has included a coronation ceremony and historical pageant.  This grand event is held under the East Texas stars at the historic Dogwood Amphitheater.  The festival queen is selected from eligible contestants by a group of local businessmen called the Kingsmen.  The queen is presented with a crown, scepter, and a beautiful dogwood ring to commemorate her reign.  At the end of the coronation ceremony, the Dogwood Queen is seated with her court on a beautifully adorned throne and entertained by local actors and musicians with a historical pageant.  The theme and storyline of the pageant changes from year to year, but the play always addresses an event or era in time as it pertains to the history of Tyler County and has done so since the beginning.  As a result, the Tyler County Dogwood Festival boasts the longest running outdoor historical play in the South.  The stage is adorned with tens of thousands of paper azaleas and dogwoods made by hand.  The evening's festivities are brought to a close with a beautiful fireworks finale.

Start Time - 7:30 p.m.

Location - Dogwood Amphitheater


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