Dogwood Court Photos

2013 Children of the Court


Pictured left to right:  Trevor Hatton, son of Rusty and Karen Hatton (Woodville); Abigail Stephens, daughter of Randal and Edith Stephens (Spurger); Riley Cloy, son of Lou Ann Cloy (Warren); Cole Clarke, son of Josh and Michelle Clarke (Chester); J’Lee Vaughn daughter of Todd and Janna Vaughn (Colmesneil); and Emma Jeansonne daughter of Fulton and Sharon Jeansonne (Woodville).

2013 Trainbearers


Pictured left to right:  Tabitha Martin, daughter of Murphy and Angela Martin (Spurger); Sarah Brown, daughter of Perry and Amber Brown (Chester); Kameryn Ramer, daughter of Phillip and Jolea Mashaw and Marty and Jeannie Ramer (Warren); Lainey Spradlin, daughter of Mark and Mandy Pattillo and Jeff Spradlin (Colmesneil) and Douglas Dinger, daughter of Troy and Amy Dinger (Woodville).

2013 Dogwood Princesses

Princesses_2013Pictured left to right:  Jessica Burrell, daughter of Lori Burrell and Randy Burrell (Spurger); Kelli Handley, daughter of Bill and Stacy Handley (Chester); Allicyn Monk, daughter of Rodney and Leann Monk (Colmesneil); Kelsey King, daughter of Tony and Wendy King (Warren) and Morgan Hammons, daughter of Stacy Hammons and Chris Hammons (Woodville).

2013 Dogwood Ladies In Waiting


Pictured left to right:  Front – Kaylon Morvant, daughter of Bryan and Nancy Morvant (Warren), Gwyn Heckman, daughter of Phillip and Carl Darsey (Colmesneil), Sarah Reese, daughter of Stacy Manuel and Keith Reese (Woodville), MaKayla Stowe, daughter of Byron and Earlette Stowe (Woodville), and Cambria Dear, daughter of Wales and Darla Dear (Woodville).  Back – Kelsey Sheffield, daughter of Larry and Christy Sheffield (Spurger), Meagan Hollingsworth, daughter of Dwayne and Angela Hollingsworth (Warren), Natalie Moffett, daughter of Dennis and Tawnya Moffett (Colmesneil), Sara Grimes, daughter of Cindy Powell and Steven Grimes (Chester) and Cayla White, daughter of Dave Youngblood and Kay Kelly (Woodville).